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Doing it right since 1972

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Get your groove on at Frosty Queen

Frosty Queen is the ultimate tasty time machine. We specialize in serving up the best burgers, fries, and milkshakes in town, all nestled within an electrifying atmosphere that's as unforgettable as the era we embody.

Taste the Good Vibes

At Frosty Queen, every bite is a boogie back to the '70s. We're talking about a time when food was more than sustenance – it was an experience. From our heart-thumpin' tunes to our soulful culinary creations, every visit to Frosty Queen is a trip down memory lane.

Peace, Love, and Frosty Queen

The atmosphere at Frosty Queen is nothing short of a love-in. Our decor is straight out of a 1970s time capsule, from our vibrant color palette to the hypnotic tunes wafting from our jukebox. You won't just eat here; you'll live the '70s with us.

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Seriously Good Food. Seriously Good Vibes.

All Time Faves!

Red Joystick

Special of the Week!


Delight in our assortment of soft serve ice cream cones, brimming with luscious flavors that cater to every palate. From classic vanilla and rich chocolate to vibrant fruit blends and exotic concoctions, each swirl is a silky, creamy adventure waiting to unfold. Taste the extraordinary in every bite and embrace the sweet bliss that our variety of soft serve flavors brings.

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